Founded in 1985, Central Food Packers Limited is one of Jamaica's leading agro-processing manufacturers and exporter of canned, bottled and baked products; and is both HACCP approved and ISO 14001 certified. Central Food Packers Limited is committed to Jamaica's socio-economic development and plays an active role in the community development of Central Village, employing over 220 persons from the community and its environs.

Our vision is to become a market leader in the manufacturing industry through innovation, and make the Sunrite brand first choice. The name Sunrite evolved out of our conviction for using ingredients grown and ripened under the warm Jamaican sun, ultimately making our products "Just Rite."

Just over two decades ago, Central Food Packers began operations with one product, canning Jamaica's national fruit "Ackee." Today, the company boasts a range of over 35 products, all produced at the factory in Central Village manufactured under our two (2) brands: SUNRITE and SUNRITE SELECT. The product range includes: Jerk condiments, pepper sauces, jams, jellies, canned Ackee, canned Callaloo, canned Breadfruit, baked Bammies, chutney, savory jellies and other seasoning sauces.

Led by our core values of: Quality, Accountability, Integrity, and Service, Central Food Packers seeks to provide authentic Jamaican products to our customers and vigorously promote our local flavours to the rest of the world. Our commitment to excellence is evidenced in our highly trained staff and implementation of recognised food safety and quality systems to ensure our customers always receive the best products manufactured to globally recognised standards.


Central Food Packers Limited (CFPL) is an agro-processing company that manufactures tinned, bottled and baked foods. The company has implemented a HACCP system that complements the environmental management system. This demonstrates a strong corporate commitment to ensuring that its agro-processing activities are carried out in an environmentally sound and controlled manner. By adopting an EMS the company signals its intention to be a market leader in the food processing industry in Jamaica.

CFPL ensures that it operates in an environmentally sound manner by:

a) Implementing and continuously improving an ISO 14001 environmental management system;

b) Ensuring compliance with the environmental policy through regular monitoring and auditing of the factory’s environmental performance;

c) Constantly reviewing and complying with the requirements of relevant national legislation and regulations;

d) Taking measures to minimise any negative impacts of its operations on the environment;e) Exposing employees to regular programmes of education and training to inculcate environmental awareness and responsible behavior;

f) Communicating its environmental management policy and actions to employees and making this information available to the public; and

g) Ensuring that its suppliers and waste contractors comply with established environmental guidelines.